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Demoltion Hammer Repair method Daquan
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  Because of the reform and opening up 20 years ago, many buildings have demolished, roads, municipal underground pipes to be upgraded before the hammer is widely used in recent years, it is also known as the Corps of Engineers hammer hammer, in the use of the method and terms of after-sales maintenance, many customers not quite understand, in this constant steady hammer manufacturers to focus particularly analyzed and summarized in the following three categories of specific reasons for distributors, resellers, user reference.

  Common hammer Electromechanical Honda repair method for everyone to offer.

  I. Symptom: electricity, tap in normal operation, no impact, or little impact

  Causes / Remedy:

  1, electric pickaxe Ministry assembly fault / head assembly inside is not clean, there are impurities, clean good after a few drops of oil (thin) or salad oil cargo apron, connecting rod, piston, hammer on or import replacement ring worn look

  2, crank break / replace the crankshaft

  3, the crankshaft big tooth wear / replace the crankshaft big teeth

  4, the rotor tooth wear / change rotor

  Second, the failure phenomenon: no reaction after power

  Causes / Remedy:

  1, the switch is broken wire goods / replace the switch or wire

  2, the stator or rotor burned / change stator or rotor

  3, the stator burned Griphook / change Griphook

  4, brush wear / replace the brushes

  Third, the failure phenomenon: there is no noise after power hammer rotor spark fresh but big

  Causes / Remedy:

  1, the brush wear / replace the brushes

  2, brush holder loose / fixed brush freighters to replace the brush holder



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