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Disc Polisher Works
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  Polishing machine operation key is to try to get the maximum polishing rate, in order to remove the damaged layer generated when polished soon as possible. But also the polishing damage layer does not affect the final observed tissue that does not cause false tissue. The former requires the use of coarse abrasive, to ensure a greater polishing rate polished to remove a damaged layer, but also deep polishing damage layer; the latter requires the use of the finest material, the polishing damage layer shallow, but polishing rate is low.

  The best way to resolve this contradiction is to be divided into two stages of polishing. Rough polishing object is polished to remove a damaged layer, this stage should have a maximum polishing rate, the surface is formed rough polishing damage secondary consideration, but also should be as small as possible; followed by fine polishing (or final polishing), its purpose is to remove the surface damage produced by rough polishing, the polishing damage is minimized. When polishing machine polishing, grinding and polishing the sample should be absolutely parallel and evenly light pressure on the polishing disc, pay attention to prevent the sample due to fly out and wear too much pressure to produce new marks. The sample should also be moved back and forth along the dial rotation and the radial direction, in order to prevent partial wear of the polishing fabric too quickly during the polishing process to continuously add a powder suspension, the polishing fabric to maintain a certain humidity. Too much humidity weaken the role of the worn polished so hard phase sample showing an embossed and non-metallic inclusions in steel and cast iron, graphite phase in a "trailing" phenomenon; when the humidity is too small, due to friction and heat cause the sample heating, lubrication decreases, grinding and dull, and even spots, will throw light alloy wound surface. In order to achieve the purpose of rough polishing, require low speed turntable, preferably not more than 600r / min; polishing time should be longer than the time to remove the scratches needed more, because even remove the deformed layer. After polishing rough surface is smooth, but the bleak, even under the microscope have meticulous grinding marks, fine polishing to be eliminated.

  Fine polishing wheel speed when appropriate to improve, polishing time to throw away the rough polishing damage layer is appropriate. After finishing polishing surface bright as a mirror, see the scratches in the conditions under bright field microscope, but in contrast lighting conditions, you can still see the wear marks. The quality of polishing machine seriously affect the organizational structure of the sample, has been gradually attention of relevant experts. Made in the performance of domestic and polishing machine a lot of research work, developed a number of new models, the new generation of polishing equipment, being the original manual developed into a variety of semi-automatic and fully automatic polishing machine.

  Here are some common mechanical polishing machine performance and features. Polishing machine designed for light surface and Tube steel, aluminum and copper and other metal products were the effect of treatment, dozens of original accessories to meet different needs, easily create a variety of precision of different snow patterns, drawing lines, wavy lines, matt face, mirror, etc., fast repair deep scratches and minor scratches, fast grinding and polishing; welds, outlet marks, trace oxide film, stains and paints, etc., for deburring, forming a rounded, decorative metal processing, in the process will not be an uneven shadow, transition zone and decorative surfaces, etc., is an important equipment metal products production line. Polishing machine is suitable for the following industries: wood and furniture industries such as flat wood, furniture and other artifacts sanding brushed metal handle; hardware (metal) materials and products, aluminum and its products, stainless steel products and utensils, copper profiles and products, plumbing and sanitary equipment , locks, lighting products, signs nameplates, metal crafts jewelry, knives, scissors type, the door flap, car bike parts, tableware, condemnation buckle type products, buttons, belt buckles, cell phone case, the watch industry and other parts of sand light drawing; electronic parts, electronic equipment such as electronic parts, such as drawing sanding.



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